*If using the PDQ package, after deploying the package, skip to step 7

1. Run the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant to remove the 64-bit version of Office.  The SaRA can be downloaded from Microsoft's website.

2. Install the 32-bit version of Office. (There is a pdq package for this)

3. Copy the folder "Banner Desktop Tools" from T:\Banner\Banner Desktop Tools to C:\ on the local computer.

4. Install Oracle Database Client 11g R2 from \\wds\imagesoftware\Banner Desktop Tools\oracle_11R2

*Make sure to select the Administrator installation

*Change the Oracle Base to C:\Oracle

5. Copy C:\Banner Desktop Tools\tnsnames.ora to C:\Oracle\product\11.2.0\client_1\network\admin\

6. Install Banner Desktop Tools by clicking "goddtop-setup.exe" from C:\Banner Desktop Tools\ and use all default settings.

7. Update the goddtop.dll by opening "ToolsUpdate" from C:\Banner Desktop Tools\ and setting the new DLL path to "C:\Banner Desktop Tools\goddtop.dll" as shown below.  A popup will say "The new DLL is older than the original.  Still continue?"  Click yes.

8. Enable the add-in in Excel by going to File -> Options -> Add-ins

Then click Go... as shown in the picture below.

Click Browse... and select "DesktopTools" Excel plugin from C:\banner\goddtop\

Click Ok and then restart Excel.  You should have the Add-In that looks like the picture below.

Archived Support Document Below.

Below is a procedure to setup the Banner Desktop Tools:

  1. Install Excel and Oracle Client
  2. Replace the tnsnames.ora file (use the tnsnames.ora file in this folder T:\Banner\Banner Desktop Tools, paste over the tnsnames.ora file in C:\Oracle) ***There is no C:\Oracle folder anymore***
  3. Copy files from T:\Banner\Banner Desktop Tools to C:\sct_temp
  4. Run goddtop-setup.exe
  5. Click "Next"
  6. Click "Yes"
  7. Destination folder C:\sct\banner\goddtop (this folder will need to be created manually) - click "Next" ***You can just type it in the installation directory without creating it first***
  8. Select "No" to the dialog box "Do you want to update SCTDesktopTool.dll?" ***This popup did not show for me***
  9. Manually run C:\sct_temp\ToolsUpdate.exe

    Target Directory - C:\banner\goddtop\GODDTOP.dll ***mine showed C:\sct\banner\goddtop\GODDTOP.DLL, and I could edit the directory***
    New DLL path - C:\sct_temp\goddtop.dll ***I got a popup that says "The new DLL is older than the original.  Still continue?"

  10. Click "OK"
  11. Go to form GORDSEC in Banner
  12. Select user id
  13. Add 3 lines

    Add-In Code           Wizard Name
    BUDGET Download
     BUDGET                   VALIDATION ***I skipped steps 10 - 13 to this point***

    Open Excel
    Manage choose Excel addins from dropdown ***Automatically selected in dropdown***

    Browse to the sct folder, or wherever goddtop.exe is, and choose Excel addin (this is the only option)
    Restart Excel