Accessing the T-drive with a browser is no longer supported.  To access the T-drive from off-campus, please follow the procedure below.

  • Download and install Filezilla if it is not already installed.  You can download Filezilla from
  • Open FileZilla and click on File, then Site Manager.



  • In Site Manager, click on New Site.



  1. Name the new site “TData”.
  2. Make sure Protocol is set to “FTP – File Transfer Protocol
  3. Set the host to “”
  4. Set Encryption to “Require explicit FTP over TLS
  5. Set Logon Type to “Ask for password”.
  6. Click Connect.



  • Type your OneTech username and password, and click OK.



  • If you receive a warning about the certificate, click OK.



  • When you are finished with the session, you can click on the disconnect button at the top of the screen.



  • To connect later, click on File, then Site Manager.


  • Click on TData, then Connect.


Mogrify Web Studio has a tutorial on how to use Filezilla.