Arkansas Tech faculty and staff have access to remotely access their office PCs from anywhere they have access to a computer and a reliable internet connection. 

In order to connect back to the campus network, you must install the Global Protect VPN client and establish a secure connection to the network. Follow our Global Protect VPN tutorial if you need assistance installing and connecting to the VPN.

Once you're connected to the VPN, you can use the Remote Desktop Connection software to connect to your office PC.


  1. Click the start button and begin typing "remote." The start menu search should find an application called Remote Desktop Connection. Click on Remote Desktop Connection to launch the application.

  2. In the Remote Desktop Connection window, type in your computer name and click connect. If you don't know your computer name, you can follow our tutorial to find your computer name

  3. If you're connection is successful, you will then be prompted for your password. Verify your username is correct, type in your password, and click OK. 

    If your username is not correct, click More choices, click Use a different account, type in your username and password, and click OK. Your username must be in the format TECH\username or

  4. You should then see the desktop of your office PC just as you were sitting in front of it. You should have access to anything you would normally have access to. When you are finished working, you can simply close the connection by using the X in the blue bar at the top of the screen.