Important: If you own a wireless Android device, make sure it is connected to ATU-Wireless. If you choose to use a hard-wired Ethernet connection, make sure you are connected to the TECH network.

Installing PaperCut Mobility Print for Android

1. After connecting to Tech's network, go to the Mobility Print app on the Google Play Store.

3. Tap  .

4. A dialog box may appear requesting access to Photos/Media/Files and Wi-Fi connection information. Tap  to allow the app access.

5. After the app completes downloading and installing, tap  to launch the app.

6. Once the Mobility Print app launches, tap .

7. Under "Print services" tap "Mobility Print". This will redirect you to the "Mobility Print Settings" menu.

8. Tap the toggle just below the search button (magnifying glass).

9. If asked to use Mobility Print, tap "OK"

10. The toggle status should be set to "On" and the "UniversalPrintQueue" should appear below. If so, the installation and setup are complete. You can now exit out of "Settings".

Printing using PaperCut Mobility Print

Note: The way you print is different depending on the app you choose to print from. For more information on how to print using a specific app, refer to the app's documentation. When you select a printer, make sure to select a "Mobility Print" printer as identified by the PaperCut icon PaperCut logo. Below is an example on how to print a web page using the Google Chrome app.

1. Access the desired document/web page you wish to print.

2. Tap  and tap 

3. A list of apps will display. Tap "Print".

4. In the "Print" app, if "UniversalPrintQueue" is not displayed, tap the drop down arrow and select it. If the printer is not listed, tap "All printers..." and select it.

5. Once the printer is selected, tap the "Print" icon. This will send the job to the Universal Print Queue. 

Note: A sign in may be required in order to send the job to the queue.

6. After you sign in and send the job to the queue, release the job at a designated printer.

Releasing your Print Job

  1. Locate a printer release station. You can swipe your card or sign in with your Tech username and password.
  2. Once logged in, select the job you wish to release, and click "Print" next to the job to send it to the desired printer. If you choose to send all jobs to the printer, click "Print All".
  3. After your page(s)/document(s) print correctly, click "Log Out" to log out of the release station.

Below is a quick instructional video over how to use Mobility Print on an Android device: