Important: If you own a wireless Windows laptop/tablet, make sure it is connected to ATU-Wireless or a residence hall wireless network. If you choose to use a hard-wired Ethernet connection, make sure you are connected to the TECH network. Please use this guide to assist in installing Arkansas Tech's Safe Connect policy key. Be sure to select the "Windows Installer".

Installing PaperCut Mobility Print for Windows

1. After connecting to Tech's network, download and run the Mobility Print Printer Setup (pc-mobility-print-printer-setup.exe). 

2. In the "Select Setup Language" dialog box, select the language of your choice, and click "OK"

3. The "License Agreement" dialog box will then display. Click "I accept the agreement" and click "OK"

4. The "Printer selection" dialog box will display next. Select "UniversalPrintQueue [PaperCut]" and click "Next"

5. In the "Your network login" dialog box, type in your Tech username and password, and click "Next"

6. After the application connects to the Papercut server, you should see the following dialog box. Click "Finish" to complete the setup.

Printing using PaperCut Mobility Print

1. Access the desired document/web page you wish to print.

2. Select the printer/queue "UniversalPrintQueue [PaperCut](Mobility)"

3. Click "Print" to release the page(s)/document(s) to the Universal Print Queue.

4. Locate a printer release station. You can swipe your card or sign in with your Tech username and password.

5. Once logged in, select the job you wish to release, and click "Print" next to the job to send it to the desired printer. If you choose to send all jobs to the printer, click "Print All".

6. After your page(s)/document(s) print correctly, click "Log Out" to log out of the release station.

Below is a quick instructional video over how to use Mobility Print on a Windows device:

Device requirements

Mobility Print supports Microsoft Windows 7+.