When logging in the user receives the following message, "invalid username/password; logon denied"

This error will typically appear if the user has entered invalid credentials. Sometimes this error will display even when the appropriate credentials are provided. Immediately after this message the user will be presented with the following option.

If the credentials were valid, the Return Home button will log the user on.

When invalid credentials are entered the user should not proceed beyond the OneTech logon screen.

Users that experience this issue frequently should log out and clear their browser cache and history.

Users are getting a blank page when executing a process through Process Submission Controls (GJAPCTL)

There is a known issue where some processes, mostly in the Financial Aid area, will display a blank screen when trying to execute through GJAPCTL.  OIS has opened a case with Ellucian to troubleshoot this issue, but there is no resolution at this time.

These processes will include Banner delivered jobs as well as jobs developed by OIS.

If the user encounters this issue, they should navigate to the GJAPCTL screen first, and then enter or select the process name.

Why are we changing to Banner 9 Admin Forms?

Our vendor, Ellucian, has designed the Admin Forms as a replacement for Banner 8's Oracle Forms. Support for Oracle forms will end at the end of 2018. The Admin Forms solution also eliminates the need for the java NPAPI plugin which has been deprecated by most, if not all, major browsers.

What is different about Banner 9 Admin Pages?

The main difference is the user experience. The look and feel have changed, but the processes themselves remain the same. Some keyboard shortcuts have changed. You can find information on keyboard shortcuts in the attached document. Users can access Admin Pages with the latest up-to-date browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.  OIS testing has shown a marked improvement in response when using an updated browser such as 64-bit Chrome or Firefox.

What browsers are supported for Banner 9 applications?

Recommended Modern Browsers

  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge
  • Chrome (no Java plug-in, so cannot run Banner 8 INB)

OIS recommends keeping Firefox ESR 59 installed to access Banner 8 INB if needed.

Will Banner 8 Internet Native Banner (INB) be going away? / Will Banner 8 Internet Native Banner (INB) be available through Application Navigator?

Banner 8 INB and Banner 9 Admin Pages are being delivered separately and will run concurrently. INB forms will not be accessible through Application Navigator. This simplifies the Banner 9 implementation keeping existing links to INB unchanged. 

Banner 8 INB forms will remain available throughout the Banner 9 Admin Pages rollout, unless that form has been rendered obsolete by Ellucian. Once the Admin Pages rollout is completed, and users have transitioned to using Admin Pages, Banner 8 INB forms will be disabled.

Will I be able to customize the colors on Banner 9 Admin Pages?

No. Banner 9 Admin Pages will have a common theme for all users. This is intended to help users easily differentiate between the test and production instances of Admin Pages. For users wanting to increase contrast for readability, Ellucian recommends the following.


Chrome’s “High Contrast Extension”


This extension allows you to choose between 5 contrast themes: “increased contrast,” “grayscale,” “inverted color,” “inverted grayscale,” and “yellow on black.”



Firefox’s “Dark Mode (WebExtension)”


This extension implements a dark color palette. By default, the background colors are changed to dark gray, the main text to white, and a light blue/lilac for accent text. By going to the extension's preferences, you can choose between 23 alternate accent colors, and 10 alternate “invert” themes.


Global Operating System Changes

Another option is to utilize the contrast themes offered within your operating system. These changes persist for your entire system, extending past the browser.


Windows 10

Navigating to the "high contrast settings" page color will allow you to pick from four alternate themes: “high contrast white,” “high contrast black,” “high contrast #2,” and “high contrast #1.”


Windows also allows you to toggle between your selected theme and the default with the following shortcut: “left Alt + left Shift + Print Screen.” This shortcut is handy for the printing issues described below.



Navigating to the "accessibility" panel from system preferences, then clicking on “display” will show options to invert colors, use grayscale, differentiate without color, and increase contrast.


Mac also allows you to toggle between an inverted theme and the default with the following shortcuts: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202562. Again, this shortcut is handy for the printing issues described below.


Warning Regarding Printing

The browser-specific and operating system changes may cause unintended issues when printing. In some instances the print outs are inverted, mimicking what you see on screen, and in others the text appears bitmapped. Whichever option you chose, you will need to make sure to disable the contrast themes before printing.

Will I need to have java, or the java NPAPI plugin installed to use Banner 9 Admin Pages?

No. Thankfully Banner 9 does not have a java or java plugin requirement.

ApplicationXtender / Banner Document Management on Banner 9 pages

Due to impending desupport of INB forms and related technologies, OIS had to prioritize the deployment of the Banner 9 Admin Pages over other projects. One of those projects is updating is updating and configuring AppXtender / Banner Document Manager. This is something we are researching and will provide as soon as possible. In the meantime, AppXtender can be accessed directly at https://appxtender.atu.edu/appxtender/login.aspx.
In Banner 9, the syncing of passwords will need to be done manually through the web interface or Document Manager.

Banner Finance - Purchase Order Defect

There is a known defect with FPAPDEL where the cancellation of a PO does not send a purchase order update to the posting queue and no posting occurs. Ellucian has indicated that the resolution for this issue will be available in a future release.