Your Unity PIN number allows you to dial in via phone and access your voicemail box.

Security requirements for your PIN number are as follows:

  • PIN number must be at least 6 digits long
  • New PIN numbers cannot be the same as any of your last 5 PIN numbers
  • PIN numbers must be changed at least once every 180 days.
  • The PIN cannot match the numeric representation of the first or last name of the user.
  • The PIN cannot contain the primary extension or alternate extensions of the user.
  • The PIN cannot contain the reverse of the primary extension or alternate extensions of the user.
  • The PIN cannot contain groups of repeated digits, such as “408408” or “123123.”
  • The PIN cannot contain only two different digits, such as “121212.”
  • A digit cannot be used more than two times consecutively (for example, “28883”).
  • The PIN cannot be an ascending or descending group of digits (for example, “012345” or “987654”).
  • The PIN cannot contain a group of numbers that are dialed in a diagonal, vertical or horizontal straight line on the phone keypad (for example, the user cannot use "159", "159730", "147", "147365", "123" or "123597" as a PIN.

To change your PIN number via the Unity Messaging Web Inbox:

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. Log in using your ATU username and password (if it logs you in automatically that is OK too since it is using our single-sign on system).
  3. In the Cisco Unity Connection Web Inbox, choose "Settings" from the top menu bar.
  4. You should now be in the Unity Messaging Assistant system that allows you to edit your voice mail box personal settings.  Choose Passwords->Change PIN from the menu.
  5. Enter a new PIN #.  Please be aware, the PIN must still meet the security requirements found above.

To change your PIN number via your Unified Communications desk phone:
  1. Press the Voicemail button
  2. Wait for the prompt to enter your existing PIN number
  3. If you've never gone through voicemail enrollment, it will prompt you to do so now (if you have, move to Step 4). You'll have the option to change your name, greeting, and whether you're listed in the directory. If you're satisfied with the existing options, you can press "#" on each to skip them.
  4. Press "4" to go to Setup Options
  5. Press "3" to go to Preferences
  6. Press "1" to change your PIN
  7. Follow the instructions to change your PIN at this time

If you need assistance with choosing a PIN number, you may find this site helpful:

To use the site:
  1. Set the "Password Length" field to however long you'd like your PIN number to be (minimum 6 digits)
  2. Uncheck: Include Symbols, Include Lowercase Characters, Include Uppercase Characters, Exclude Similar Characters
  3. Only "Include Numbers" and "Generate On Your Device" should be checked at this point
  4. Click "Generate Password"
  5. A number password should now appear on the page.  Please be advised, due to the Unity Voicemail system checking for Trivial PINs (trivial PINs include passwords that use your extension, spell out your name, etc,), you may need to generate and try several PIN numbers.

An example of a PIN generated on the page: