The following are instructions on how to connect to ApplicationXtender (which will be referred to as AppXtender for the remainder of this document).
Pop-Up blockers should be disabled, or add an exception for the following site:

This document is written under the premise that the user has already requested and been granted access to the AppXtender system.

To access AppXtender:

  • Log in at:
    • Test:
    • Prod:
  • If the navigation menu on the left side of your screen is not visible, click  to expand it.
  • For Faculty, navigate to the Student Advising Documents (AppXtender) link in the Advisor Links portlet on the Advising page
  • For Employees, navigate to the AppXtender link in the Campus Tools portlet on the Employee page.
  • Both links provide single sign on (SSO) into AppXtender

Change Your AppXtender Password

Since AppXtender provides single sign on from Onetech, there is no provison, or need, for the user to sync their Banner and/or Active Directory passwords to AppXtender. 
Below are the steps to maintain AppXtender passwords manually.
  • Once logged in to AppXtender, click on your username in the top left hand corner of the screen. This will display a drop down with the Change Password option.

  • After select the Change Password option the Change Password screen will be displayed. Enter in your current and new password and click Change. *Note: This password is only for AppXtender and will not be synchronized with Banner or Active Directory

  • If the password change is successful, you will be redirected to the main AppXtender screen.