Once you have successfully logged in you will see a list of applications within AppXtender. 

Different types of documents are stored in different applications. These applications are tailored for specific areas of responsibility in Banner. To get started using AppXtender, double click on the application you would like to query. 

Shown below is a full listing of all the applications in AppXtender. The typical end user will see a much shorter list.

  • Click the name of the application you wish to use to be presented with choices

  • Choose “New Query”

  • The next page that will appear is the “Search Criteria” screen for the selected application. TO query a document, simply populate one or more of the Search Value fields and click Run.

  • The query results will be displayed on the next page. If there is only one document that is returned from a query then that document is automatically opened. If there are multiple documents, click the blue arrow on the desired document, then click Open