Last Modified:  02/02/2022

vDesktops is a virtual desktop environment at Arkansas Tech. It can be accessed from both on-campus and off-campus.

For more information, see What is vDesktops?

Virtual Desktops can be accessed through the VMware Horizon Client or through a web browser. 

To install the Horizon Client, please see the following articles: 

Please follow the steps below to access vDesktops in a web browser:

  • Step 1: Go to
  • Step 2: Click the VMware Horizon HTML Access link and then enter your login username and password and click Login.

  • Step 3 - Open a Virtual Desktop Session: Select the Virtual Desktop you want to log in to. The Remote_Students will work for most students, as well as faculty and staff. This is the same desktop that students get in the library. It has most of the software used on campus installed on it.

    ***Be sure to save your data to your U: Drive.  Virtual desktops are deleted when the user logs out.

  • Step 4 - Open a Virtual Application: Select the Virtual Application you want to use.  Virtual applications are different from virtual desktops.  Virtual Desktops give you a complete installation of Windows to work in.  Virtual Applications give you that one single application to work with.

  • Step 5: Log out when you are done.